Dog Chiropractic Adjustment

Dog Chiropractic Adjustment Procedure

The dog chiropractic video above shows a dog adjustment procedure. This is a young dog with relatively no real “concerns”. This video shows a basic idea of what it looks like to have your dog adjusted. “Chloe” is a willing patient who has been adjusted multiple times before and enjoys all the attention she can get. Every dog reacts differently to being adjusted but generally they enjoy the treatment and it feels good to them. Chloe is around 38 pounds–so a medium size dog. Adjusting a large dog looks very different than adjusting a small dog. Some of the 2-5 pound dogs require little more than fingertip pressure to be adjusted while 150 pound dogs are adjusted almost in the same fashion as a small horse. Dr Julie does all her adjusting by hand (rarely if ever using tools) and is very gentle. She prefers to have the dog relax and be a willing participant–which most of them do!

Common Small Animal Health Issues

We commonly see dogs or other animals that have:
– Disc injuries (these may or may not be causing; lameness, inability to run/ walk/ jump/ etc, foot dragging, complete or partial paralysis, and other symptoms)
– Arthritis due to age or injury
– Other musculoskeletal injuries
– Lameness
– Inability to do activities they previously enjoyed
– Neuropathies; dogs that cannot stop licking, chewing, etc
– Weakness and loss of muscle mass
– Increased ability to perform in competition (agility, hunting, etc)
– Maintenance of regular health and prevention of issues!

Canine Chiropractic Adjustments help correct multiple health issues

Canine Adjustment- Dog Chiropractic picture goes here

Call or text Dr. Julie at 320-552-0110, if your dog or other small animal exhibits some of the health symptoms listed above. Dr. Julie will be glad to work with your animal to correct many common health issues.