Miniature Mare Fractured Leg Case Study

Miniature mare with old fracture in left front leg

Mare Fractured Leg 1

Mare with Fracture History

This miniature mare has a history of an old fracture in the left front leg. She is fully weight bearing in this picture, her leg is deformed from the old fracture and her hoof was overgrown and twisted. She had been regularly trimmed every 4 weeks prior to my first appointment with her, but still struggled with ongoing lameness. She was unable to move faster than a very slow walk, and had a lot of difficulty lifting her right front leg and bearing all weight on the left. She also had recurrent bouts of laminitis in her history, though was not acutely suffering when I met her.

Mare Fractured Leg 2

One treatment provides dramatic results;

After one trim she was noticeably more comfortable and her overall appreance was dramatically different. She moved around much easier and was able to lift her right front hoof comfortably.

Mare Fractured Leg Case Study 3
Mare Fractured Leg Case Study 4

Mare Now Much More Comfortably Standing and Moving

Hoof trimming helps correct and adjust other physical problematic symptoms exhibited in this miniature mare. Before this time it was believed that she was “as good as she could get”, due to her injuries and issues. Call Dr Julie for assessments and help in treating difficult problems in your animals.