Severe Founder Case Study

A QH Gelding with Severe Founder

Severe Founder 1

Severe Founder – Initial Findings and treatments

QH gelding with severe founder, 9 and 11 degrees of rotation (both fronts), and moderately severe white line disease. Fungal infections were resected with veterinary supervision, specialized shoes were applied per veterinary recommendations. Prior to this appointment 2 farriers and one other veterinarian had recommended euthanasia, as he was unable to walk more than a few steps at any time. With proper trim and application of shoes, he was able to move around enough to eat and drink comfortably.

Severe Founder 2

Six Months After Initial Shoeing

Somewhat tender footed and walking slowly without shoes. Comfortable on soft ground at a walk. White line disease completely cleared up.

Side view 6 months post trim.

Severe Founder 3

Nine Months After Initial Shoeing

When turned out to pasture that day after his trim, he trotted off cleanly. This was about 6 years ago and he has been sound since.