“I highly recommend Julie! She has been our Farm farrier (27 horses and 2 donkeys) since 2011. She is EXCELLENT with the horses (very patient and understanding as well as doing a superb job). She works very well with owners as well as horses and is willing to listen, answer questions and work with the owner and each individual horse, no matter it’s issues. I have only ever had one other farrier as good as her and consider myself extremely fortunate for having found her when that one decided to focus on another business. You will not regret calling Julie and taking a chance on her!” ~Trudy

“I had a vet look at Apollo, and he had a ton of positive comments about your trim and he said he is sound enough to ride again. Apollo is doing so much better, not only has he stopped tiptoeing but he was even cantering in his pasture today! Before your trim I hadn’t seen him willingly trot since December. Many kudos for helping my boy feel better!” ~Linnea

“Love the package deals! VERY Affordable. My big old thoroughbreds feet look better than they have in a long time. Julie took her time with him when he was injured and now he licks his lips after a session.” ~Anna

“Julie has really done a great job with my horse Chase, and myself. His feet needed shaping badly-he was on his way to chronic laminitis, and in the first couple of trims I could really see the difference. A year later, his feet are looking fantastic. Also, both my horse and I were adjusted for the first time by Julie a couple days ago. We’d been having problems for a while-my back was constantly sore, and so was my horse’s. Trying to ask for any kind of lift from his back end while riding or even on the ground was near impossible. One adjustment for both of us, Chase is now moving fantastically and he’s happier, and while for me the chiropractic journey is going to be longer, the first adjustment has taken away a good chunk of my constant pain. I fully recommend her!” ~Jessy

“Julie takes her time and looks at all aspects of the horse and comes up with an individual and realistic approach tailored to you and your horse.” ~Rae

“Julie is a fantastic farrier! My arabian mare hated all farriers and unfortunately the farriers didn’t treat her well either. But, From the first visit with Julie…..my mare stood still and was very relaxed for her trims. Julie has a patience and excellent manner that sets a horse at ease. I highly recommend her for your horses.” ~Dawn

“Julie is the best farrier!! She has done wonders with mine and my sister’s horses. Thanks Julie!!” ~Bonnie

“Julie is an awesome farrier. I trust only her with my horses feet!!!” ~Tracie

“Julie is an EXCELLENT farrier! My horse foundered several years ago and, with Julie’s help, you can’t tell he ever had issues.” ~Kelly

“Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent trim on (my horses hooves)–we were able to ride out and about with a happy pony attitude and no shortened, heel rocking strides. She was … remarkabley improved from the last ride 2 months ago.” ~Kelley

“You are an excellent Farrier and I would highly recommend you to anyone. ” ~Martha

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