About Us

Who we are …

Our mission is to use our God given passions and skills to teach horse owners that there is a better way to keep horses healthy, sound, and competitive.

Currently we operate a out of Stanchfield MN. Dr Julie provides chiropractic for horses (as well as dogs, cats, humans, and other animals!), along with natural trimming and farrier services. Our business retails hoof boots from Renegade–offering their full line of products and custom boot fitting. Dr Julie specializes in working with horses that have chronic or difficult lameness issues including; laminitis, navicular syndrome, past injuries/scar tissue, and more. She utilizes a variety of techniques including muscle work (cross friction, trigger point, etc), Graston (scar tissue release), Rock tape/kinesiotaping, stretching and strengthening, Masterson technique, and home exercises for clients to practice.

Dr Julie’s background:

She began riding and training horses in 1999, showing in 4-H, WSCA, and APHA–western and english pleasure, showmanship, halter, bareback, and some games. She received hundreds of honors at the county level, 2 state championships, 2 top 5 awards at state level, and a national championship. She was the Dan Patch Award winner in 2005.

She knew she wanted to pursue a career in medicine from an early age, but developed a passion for holistic medicine after seeing dramatic results from chiropractic in her own life and that of her show horse. She graduated chiropractic school in early 2013 and soon after attended post graduate training to receive additional licensure in animal chiropractic. She continues to attend educational seminars regularly and is a voracious reader–her favorite topics include natural hoof care, anatomy and physiology of the horses musculoskeletal structure and hooves, muscle work techniques, rehabilitation techniques, nutrition, and alternative medicine. She loves working with youth, teaching and training, and often volunteers with the 4-H horse project.

Her husband Caleb is retired from the military after serving several tours in Afghanistan and Iraq and being wounded overseas. He is currently a full time stay at home dad, but also plays the role of resident tech specialist and office administrator. Together we have 6 children, 4 horses, 3 sheep, 11 chickens, 2 cats, and a dog. If you’ve known us in the past few years you probably saw Dr Julie either working while pregnant or toting around a little infant!