Chiropractic has proven itself time and again as being an invaulable tool for horse owners. Many horse owners seek chiropractic care for issues like: lameness, problems picking up the correct lead, problems collecting/engaging, gait abnormalities and conformational faults like steep shoulders, club feet, toe in or toe out, behavior problems like head shy, cold backed, cinchy, kicking, rearing, and more. We have seen great results with all of this issues and more. Dogs and other animals may see decreased lameness, improved attitude and performance, improved intestinal function and skin/coat, less allergies, greater mobility, less pain, and overall better health. Techniques utilized include kinesiotaping/rock taping, Graston, activator, ART, TPT, and soft tissue work. Dr Julie has studied the Masterson technique and uses a combination of the skills she has learned to customize an approach that suites your unique needs. For more information on chiropractic check out the MN Animal Chiropractic Care page here. Dr Julie sees animal patients in their own homes or barns.