Prices and Availability

Hours and Availability

Regular hours for farm calls are between 8am-4pm Monday-Thursday. At this time we do not offer evening or weekend appointments.


Animal Chiropractic Price List

(ALL visits subject to trip charge, see below)
Initial examination…$20*
Adjustment–small animal…$50 (dog, cat, rabbit, most birds, etc)
Adjustment–large animal (horse, cattle, llamas, etc)…$100

Receive $10 off an adjustment if completed at the same time as a hoof trim (horses only)

Farrier and natural trimming prices

(Subject to trip charge, see below)

We are currently severely limiting the number of new clients that will be considered as the demand for this service far exceeds our ability to supply.

Standard trim…$60
Draft trim…$90

Shoes, Casting, boots, glue on, etc…ask us!


Farm call/Trip charge

All visits will be assessed a farm call/trip charge. This varies per location, and will be based on distance from Elk River MN:

0-15 miles $10
16-30 miles $20
31-50 miles $30
51-80 miles $40
Over 80 miles is generally outside of our service area. Exceptions may be made, please call for more information.


*A thorough chiropractic examination is required for each new patient seen.

Also, please note, per MN state law we must obtain written or verbal consent from the animals primary veterinarian BEFORE the animal can be treated by a chiropractor. We provide this service for you as a courtesy, simply provide us with the name of your veterinarian and we will make the arrangements. You can print and have the form signed, if you prefer. Call or email us for more information or if you have questions.


Questions? Please don’t hesitate to ask!